Synchronize Filezilla Site Manager Settings to Multiple Computers

FilezillaI have the Filezilla ftp client on two computers... my desktop (which I use for development etc) and my laptop (which I take to see clients).  To synchronize the ftp sites (in site manager) I usually just exported the sites on my development computer and then imported on the laptop.  This worked ok at first... and then I became tired of the manual export / import process ... there must be a better way to do this...

Switching from headphones to speakers is very slow

Troubleshooting     Last month I experienced an odd issue that I thought I should share.  I have an AMD Radeon HD7770 video card and recently updated the Catalyst Control Center software.  Shortly afterwards I started noticing that it would take a minute or two for my sound to switch between my headphones and speakers.  The issue was so annoying and problematic (issues with my VOip calls etc) I ultimately ended up reinstalling my OS.